Game update: December 2020


We’ve had a few people ask what we’re up to at the moment so we thought we’d provide a brief update.

We have made a few versions now of the regional titles update which we haven’t been happy with enough to go to beta. The extra titles (either five per weight or in one crazy version 15 regional titles per weight) add a LOT of extra information into the game and we are working on that at present so to make it fun rather than arduous :slight_smile: More soon on that :slight_smile:

We are also mopping up some a few bugs and gameplay issues that we will probably patch before xmas but covid and travel restrictions and Brexit may well make things slow down a bit.

We also hope (but can’t confirm yet) possible news on BM coming to more platforms sooner rather than later.

As ever we’re here and working away.

So shit’s happening as they say. :slight_smile:
Boxing Manager team