Getting a loss turned into a win or a draw or no contest

I want to see in boxing manger when your in a fight I want to see the ref take points away or illegal hits or ruff play or something on lines like that or get the Athletic commission to review the fight and see what happed and get the other fighter done for illegal hits or low blows or any real boxing rules i want to see the ref stop the fight to take points away or issue a warning to the fighter or get them DQ for illegal hits I want to see real boxing rules and Black athletic Commission side of things like pre fight drug tests and post fight drug tests


A load more stuff in that direction is coming towards Oct/Nov time. We haven’t done drug test stuff however. But in fight fouls are coming.

Makes things interesting based on the dirtyness stat!! Maybe players won’t be so inclined to push that one to 20 which is good to see. The same with aggression. You could then have your luis Suarezs of the sport and your Gary linekers haha (one player was filth the other never got carded) :wink: