Glitch. Booked fights previous weeks

Opened a new gym on my game which I previously had the -1 issue which doesn’t happen anymore but when I’ve tried to sign fighters it says the have fights booked on the week I had the -1 issue. Put a picture as an example. Fighter had a fight booked in week 78 but I am now in week 164! Any ideas how I can get round it ?

I have the same problem but champions have fights past their week date so can’t challenge them.

Yes just checked my champions nearly every division has a champion who is stuck with a fight on previous week

Does the fix for this in the game options screen solve this issue?

Yes it does thank you :raised_hands:t2:

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It didn’t for me, it did for my own fighters but AI ones were still stuck. I just restarted my career which was a pain, not easy choices wiping out a billion pound cash pile :joy:.

Ouch. Weird it didn’t fix the AI fighters. Should have done them all.

In my case, game was working fine prior to the update done before this fix, but I upgraded to iOS 14:8:1 then updated game, that’s when it went weird. Updated yesterday to iOS 15 and issue still occurred even with fix. I am on iPhone 12 Pro Max for this.

My iPhone 8 on iOS 14.8 is still running the game fine.

Another thing, the game on my iPhone 12 Pro max on max commentary even on a new save is running very slow compared to what it was and is on my iPhone 8.

Game runs quicker in general as expected on iPhone 12 (load times) just the actual fights are slower. I will try do a screen vid comparison when I get chance. Might just need to reinstall game. Maybe few bugs.

There are weird things going on with apple versions at moment.
On the Pro Max is Low Energy Mode on by any chance? We have found that the way that now works has changed on some devices. We have it running on 12 and 13 Pros and is fast (although nothing is as fast as last year’s iPad Air…)

No, it’s been running on normal. I mean it’s not a massive issue it’s just when you are used to a round being over in 2 seconds and it takes 5 or 6 it’s actually more noticeable than I am used to. Actually quite nice to catch some of the comments for once :joy:.

Yeah that’s still a bit weird…