Global Champions

Hey im on week 2779 on my career and you know finding obscure prospects has always been my fave part of the game so since the new update just wanted to share some of my new stars that hopefully will carve there countries and there own name into my boxing worlds history and legends…

Love the game and the new update of the gyms creating fighters from that area thanks for creating such a great game

That’s so cool to see people using this feature. We love it tbh. Better than endlessly having fighters from one or two countries.

We have been using this feature a lot with our forthcoming shows update where you can even put on the shows/run your empire in very obscure places as well. Not necessarily advisable to run an modern boxing management company, let’s say, from darkest Peru say but fun all the same;)

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That sounds awesome its kind of what ive been doing trying to book mulitiple fights say if i have an african champ getting as many african stars on the same day as to feel like a big event so am looking forward to that feature alot.

Same here ive got about 60 gyms all over the world just trying to find that one gem, its so addictive!!