Going for 70-0 as a gym


That’s impressive. Must be good matchmaking. I normally lose a few stupid fights after I’m at 30 or so wins.

That’s good work.

And I was impressed with game that I’m using in the version I’m playing testing!

It was tough honestly. I’m looking for fights with opponents with less than 10 punch power and low chin stats. Last time around I got KO’d by a guy with 20 punch power and 6 accuracy while my fighter had 20 chin so it’s gotta be the power that holds a lot of value.

Your going to need to take the risk eventually though to get a title shot. With heavyweights you can normally get a title shot within 20 fights.

One heavyweight holds two belts and the other holds the third and they both have 20 punching power and accuracy lol. Might have to wait until they retire :sweat_smile:

Nah man go for it. Take the risk. Protecting your boxers like Eddie Hearn :joy::joy:

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Lmao I’m really protecting that undefeated record, at what age do these champions decline/retire?

Your fighters will be wanting to sign with Top Rank so they can get a title shot :joy::joy:

They don’t really decline. Just really chin and punishment if they get knocked out. I expect that will change though. They can keep fighting until George Foreman type ages…

Finally got my first champion!


How many times did you have to restart game to get 3 good heavyweights . :joy:.
Is USA gym at start of game best place to get heavyweights?

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Weights are determined proportionally to where they appear most in real life… :):):slight_smile:

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My guy, I’ve had to restart so many times. Typing in the “Nito Boxing Academy” had turned into second nature :joy::sweat_smile:

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Haha that’s why I just use my name for my promotion.

I’ve finally got one undisputed heavyweight champion…what a relief that was


A little tip for you. Especially with heavyweight. If his contract is due and at same time have a look if you can make a fight. If not you will have to vacate a belt to make a fight. Vacate title then renew contract. If you renew contract before dropping belt you will get stung with massive contract. Been playing this game for ages and previous game and I just figured it out. :joy:

Do you remember when this contract situation was way more harsh? If you lost a fight while a heavyweight champion it could literally bankrupt you trying to see out the contract :joy:. Removing that was one of my favourite changes in the game. Contracts seem to adjust to the situation now.

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It needed to be fairer both ways.
Sometimes think it’s way too in favour of managers now in situations with champs…

Yeah I agree IM. Not an easy balance to get right though.