Gonzalez vs Dogboe

Anyone care about this fight? Really no hype around it at all.

Personally, I have Gonzalez by late stoppage, but I have only watched either of them fight once, so I have no clue.

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That sort of answered itself.

Terrible weekend of boxing.

Whatever happened to Dazn???
Anyone else think that subscription is now looking like the biggest waste of money?

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Never bought DAZN, I very recently got into the sport and people were already calling it a scam, so I saw the price and avoided it. I am, however, subscribed to ProBox. $2 a month for normally 1-2 events a month, plus a bunch other “shows” which are kind of dumb but for less than a McDonalds kids meal you can’t really complain right? Lol

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It’s not quite a scam but they haven’t kept pace with the promises in terms of boxing coverage. Far from it…

I have DAZN. It’s handy for watching the US fights in the morning for us UK folks. I also like the other European cards, like Italy etc.

In reality though, it’s not the best value. But since I watch most of my Sport on iptv, I don’t mind paying for it.