Good Weekend for Boxing

Starts today with ProBox card, their Contenders Tournament has been really fun so far, I expect a good (albeit short) night of fights. Then 2 DAZN cards tomorrow with Smith v O’Maison and Ortiz v McKinson. And a meh card in Conlan v Marriaga on ESPN, also tomorrow night. All in all, 4 solid events to look forward to this weekend :boxing_glove:

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Not a great weekend for casuals (although Vergil Ortiz has a solid fanbase, maybe recognizable by casuals?), but longtime/hardcore boxing fans should appreciate the fights this weekend. Especially the Smith v O’Maison card, all nice prospects looking to make noise.

Smith v O’Maison should be a good one. British title fights tend to be decent. Normally evenly matched.

I see the ‘Romford Bull’ is on the undercard as well. Enjoying seeing his journey. No idea if he will end up decent or not. Great personality though.


Hell of a card on ProBox last night. Kendo v Fernandez in particular was great to watch. Now the big cards tonight :boxing_glove:

Yeah looking forward to a decent night of action.

Really need a good one…

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Daaaaamn what a shot by Dalton Smith. Hope to see him fight for a legit international strap sooner rather than later. Step up against someone along the lines of Robbie Davies Jr makes the most sense to me.

Tuned in for 4 rounds (5-8) of Conlan v Marriaga, extremely boring bout. Waiting for the second DAZN card. War Cobbs!

Dalton Smith looked a class above. Look forward to seeing what next for him. He is fighting in a stacked weight so plenty fights there for him.


The Dazn card was appalling, the main event had quite a gulf in class, O’Maison hasn’t done anything to earn his shot, though I believe many turned it down. The rest of the fights were mismatches.


Agreed. Time for Smith to step up, Davies Jr seems like a good fit like I mentioned earlier.

Fight of the weekend was Kendo v Fernandez or Cobbs v Hooker