Great old fights to watch?

After a good few beers in the sun today and no sport to watch I’m currently watching old fights on YouTube. Just watched Julio Chavez v De La Hoya. Cause this is the sad shit I do when my gf is out :joy:.

Any one got suggestions for old fights to watch?

The Ward/Gatti fights would be where I’d go…

Yeah Iv been there. But might get on that rollercoaster again. Great shout.

Maybe some Holyfield v Bowe then.

You know what, I don’t think Iv watched that! Holyfield Bowe it is!

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Biggest shock is Riddick Bowe walking out to Phil Collins. Wtf :joy:

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Not the best for the boxing purists but I like watching George foreman vs Ron Lyle. It’s just 2 big bloke knocking the shit out of each other.
Other day I spent a good few hours re watching Lennox lewis fights. I was never his biggest fan when I was younger but he was in some really good fights.


Not seen that one either, will put it on after this one.

Lewis never really got the respect he deserved when he was fighting I thought. Possibly cause we were all Tyson fans. But in the same way Fury and AJ get hated upon now. I bet in years time they will be seen as greats. Boxing fans are weird with the whole nostalgia thing!

Best fight Iv ever been to was Alex Arthur v Michael Gomez. Would highly recommend that fight to anyone wanting to see a battle!

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That’s true about Lennox. I grew up watching Tyson and my dad would always try push big frank on to me. So always had a soft spot for Bruno.
Old fights on YouTube is a good way to spend your night. Another boxer who I recently watched was eubank. I was massive benn fan so I didn’t appreciate Eubank and missed a lot of his earlier fights. Brilliant boxer but I find him and his style irritating. :joy:

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Was a massive fan of Eubank:)
Huge heart, tough as fk and great skills. Not to mention bizarre.
Proper boxer in other words.
Even when he was losing the guy was class. The fight with Carl Thompson for the Cruiserweight title was just intense.

Am surprised he isn’t a bigger weirdo than he is. He took some big punches through his career and he is quite normal now compared to him in 90’s.
next on my day binge is going to be Hopkins or Holyfield

Iv done the Eubank and Benn binge as well. The only fight I struggle to watch is Benn V McClennan, due to what happened after.

Crazy that it’s now Eubank and Benn’s sons that are the fighters. Doesn’t half make you feel old :joy:

Barrera v Morales fights, Bowe v Golota, any Matthew Saad Muhammad fight

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The Bowe Golota fights were crazy. Bowe just couldn’t handle him. Then Lewis destroys Golota. Shows you how much boxing is about styles.

I remember watching McClennan fight on tv. Similar to you I struggled with it. I didn’t watch it until they did a documentary about it a few years ago. If you haven’t seen documentary it’s worth a watch.

Iv not mate, I will check it out for sure.