Gym Signings new

Hadn’t played game for a while and have started playing again recently created a new save. New save I have started I now have 3 different world champions in my gym but I still can’t sign any foreign or higher ranked fighters to the gym still the same dross you get at the start? Previously when I played once you had a world champion it meant you could start to sign fighters from different countries to where the gym is based and higher ranked ones.

What country have you picked? You can normally sign fighters from the region once you win a title (normally Poland and France etc if UK). It’s still very random though, Iv went a year without signing anyone as no great prospects. A few more title wins and you can sign some from the rest of the word.

Unless that’s been changed on the latest update. I don’t have a champion in it yet.

Uk but I’ve moved on another couple of weeks and it’s started to let me sign more and from other countries now not sure if it was a bug maybe

Possibly mate. Or possibly just unlucky with none coming through. Glad it’s sorted :sunglasses: