Gym upgrade option missing - Ipad

Great beta update - such a good game for a fiver! Would happily pay more

Potential bug - I’m on a standard iPad and on the gym screen the option to “upgrade gym” no longer exists. I have started a new game and a couple of weeks in. Is this intentional as I see you can choose an upgraded gym when opening a new one?

We have had a couple of reports of this now so clearly an issue.

We will look at this tonight and look to put a patch out as soon as we solve it.
Sorry about that.


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Couple of things. My issue with this managed to fix itself. No idea what happened.

But I did find a workaround if the issue happens. Sack your trainer and the upgrade gym option will appear.

We have found the issue and are patching it tonight.

This has now been (finally) approved by Apple and the current version fixes this issue.

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