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I love the new hall of fame update I have had a few saves on the beta, using one now that am nearly at 1000 weeks on. However have seen no great champions added before some the greats in my save tbh most the greats aren’t In the HOFwhile they add no these elite champions to it few pictures for example

|—Non Elite—|

One I would consider Greats in my save

Long post so if you got to this point what your experience with the new update have to say they are a few hall of famers i am happy in there but some make me think definitely not.


Extra Details:

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So looking for patterns here this is a comment here with regard not so much of title credentials but overall career record. Is that fair to say? Wouldn’t disagree.

What do you think is minimum level qualification for HoF in terms of undisputed or title success?

I think maybe should have at least 5 title defences of some belt or overall over 10 title wins also do understand this disregards undisputed and where they weigh in so it hard to say but in my save they’re a 2 fighters with over 20 title wins but and both been undisputed however some guy that won the belt in welterweight defends 3 titles 3 times but loses from them on title challenges but makes it in before these doesn’t seem fair

Sorry reading that is hard for me and I wrote it :joy: I also think it depends on what fighters have retired by that point in the game so minimum could change per game

Totally agree. We’d been waiting on some comments but that we think it should be much harder to be inducted.

We think it should be around the minimum 10 title fights and minimum 4-5 for undisputed.

Which is more than it currently operates at.

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This has been increased in the next beta version out today. We’ve also sorted the follow fighters thing you reported as well. Thanks!

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Cheers lad getting shit done :white_check_mark:


This is a good addition, always good to look back on previous fighters and it creates a history

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Has this now been made too difficult for boxers to enter? I’m on year 560 in my current game and no hall of fame entrants yet.

I know there was some discussion before and the entry stats were adjusted. But I’m now thinking that there should probably be an entrant every year? Looking at the records, I can see the best retired boxer has 8 title defences. It’s looking like I’m going to have to wait for one of my boxers to retire for the first entrants. Think I preferred it before. What do you guys think?

Ok! Year 560 and we’d have thought that someone would appear!!! That’s an odd one as we can see that fighters are being inducted.

Let’s add this one to this week’s work list!

The game is currently set so that Inductees are created for those fighters over 10 title wins and/or 5 undisputed wins. There is a bit of variation in there to accommodate certain things but broadly works to that. We will look to lower a bit.

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Yeah I thought that was the case. Mmm, in hindsight I agree that should probably be lowered. As the years go on, those with better records will always get precedence anyway. But like irl, there should probably be a hall of fame entrant every year.

Will add that the guy with 8 defences is a 2 time champion. I think that should push it up a bit. Also, thinking about it… the undisputed ruling is probably over kill. In real life anyone becoming undisputed is probably guaranteed hall of fame. I get that it’s easier to get undisputed in the game… but if there is no one else eligible an undisputed champion should probably be added…

Anyway, just my thoughts. Why I was looking to get others input. Would you rather have no one if no one is eligible, or someone added every year…

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Got to be high standards in my opinion to be in the hall of fame it ain’t for bums it’s for the greatest. The best of the best so only add the ones that stand out not all undisputed champions how it gets clogged up with people that don’t deserve to be their that my opinion.

However if you have made it to week 560 and still not seeing a HOF I do believe there could be some adjustments but you need to make sure guys that are 4-2 in title fights but because they were undisputed they make it into HOF.


Yeah I do agree with that mate. That was my initial thoughts when it was discussed before. But, it’s totally missing from my current game so got me thinking. Perhaps undisputed is the trigger if no one else is eligible.

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These changes are now reflected in the 1.01.07 beta.


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