Hall of Fame status

Just recaptured the the WBC and WBA at the age of 46 don’t know how long I can keep going in the sport of boxing but it’s been good so far I wish I could retire and end on a good run but unfortunately I’m not stopping until I capture undisputed gold i’ve made about $6 billion of the Sport of boxing and I’ve got a nice Record of 93-1 despite my career being 24 years long The time I come round to retire I’ll probably be in the 60s and probably at the oldest boxer in the game

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What if you could opt to retire, and the real user had a chance to be logged as the manager for one of the game’s best careers?

Could there be a threshold for qualifying (fights won, longest undefeated streak, titles captured across weight classes?)

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To be honest if the game developers ever added an online feature for exhibition of happily take on anyone instead of fighting the same opponents each time I said on 46 in game and then I have many more years I’ve got left in me but Undisputed gold is the Nextep in my career


I hope the game developers add the feature to retire and come out of retirement I’ll probably retire give it a few years and probably come out of retirement and fight in the cruiserweight Division for a few years and see how I get on