Happy 2022 and a new version is now in the App Store

V1.02.17 is now available from the App Store.

If it isn’t in your local App Store yet then it will be shortly.

Happy New Year to all and we can’t wait to bring you what we have planned for this year.

Much (very) cool stuff.

BM Team

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Do we need to start a new game or will it apply to our current game?

Will be fine with current game.

We try our best to make things work from one version to next. Issues we have is mostly when people miss a few updates and then the compatibility gets “messed up” so to speak and we have issues.

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The new contract warning is bloody perfect, great work guys :+1:t2:


Agree, it’s cool. Thanks go to a guy (we forget his name) over on the Discord server. He suggested this, as obvious as it seems, and it works.

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