Heartbreaking loss for unbeaten p4p king

It’s always heartbreaking when you’re number one fighter loses. Battle of two unbeaten champions, such a huge fight. Hope Cannon remains unbeaten for the eventual rematch.


That’s a big fight to lose on.

The multi weight thing is cool.

Just need to get the other (ai) fighters weight changes working correctly now for this to be complete :slight_smile:

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He’s dominated the weights, think he’s found his final weight though. He’s working his way back up, Cannon has been dethroned so debating whether to put them together now or wait till we win the belts back.

You’ve made a very good game! Sat on holiday in Jamaica in the sun playing it none stop! Looking forward to the PC version!

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Thanks @Liam_Gilsenan

That’s gratifying to hear.

Would be nice to be in Jamaica playing it as well!!!

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Man I can’t f___ing wait bro :joy::muscle:t5:

Sweet revenge. Albeit not for the titles and Cannon is definitely on the slide but revenge is revenge! :smile:


Apologies for the spam but, he’s back on top of the world! Very close fight and I thought he lost but judges awarded it him! Now onto undisputed :smiley:

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Don’t apologise!

We know how much these things matter.

Lots of posts like these over on the Discord server if you’re not on that already.

Yes I’ve joined the discord yesterday, can’t get enough of the game at the minute haha. :grinning:


Big update heading to beta this week :slight_smile:

How do you get in on beta testing out of interest?

We are in process of updating our groups for testing.
News of that soon. :slight_smile:

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