Heavyweight Contract Demands

Is there a way around this?
In his last fight, I lost over £100m due to his incredibly high contact demands. When I renewed his contract last time, it was either 200m+ a fight or not resign and as he’s my longest surviving fighter at 85 wins I didn’t want to lose him. I’ve got £5b in the bank so won’t go bankrupt as a result, just a bit annoying!


Managing contracts can be a pain in our current system .

Point being here you can cover it more than enough as it’s worked in your favour clearly previously.

We are addressing this and we will be making contracts shorter in the main to prevent this kind of thing plus a few other changes that will also mitigate and eventually remove this issue.

Good work though!

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What about not being able to re sign people? I make sure they are happy and all that and they all don’t re sign. Super frustrating.

Are these the short 5 fight contracts? Sometimes they just won’t resign. Although they normally do once your gym is very successful.

Something to watch out for is when you have 2 fights left. Lose the second last fight and they may not resign. Probably blaming you for matchmaking :joy:. It’s a good idea to get a new contract signed with 2 fights to go for this reason.

Hard to see what’s happening there without some more info.

It’s by no means a given that a fighter will re-sign for you although if you’re winning fights.

Also as @TartanTornado says beware of leaving the contract renewal too late in the day. That can and regularly does have bad consequences. Personal tip is that the penultimate fight in the contract is always, wherever possible, against a total stiff.

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Yea. I’ve been reading the tips for this and make sure I sign longer contracts and most of the time they are undefeated headed to the top 20. It sucks to put a lot of time into the guys to just leave

We’ve been play testing this all day to see and haven’t been experienced any issues with guys not wanting to re-sign.

Our strategy is usually a/matchmake well b/ fight regularly c/ be certain to win fight before renegotiating. Keep us posted on this and whether you continue to have problems.

Yeah can’t say Iv experienced it either. It’s the kind of thing I moan about pretty quickly :joy:

Only way I have found to lower contracts is either drop some belts if you can. Or if you are thinking of moving up weights, move up then renegotiate contract. If you play it right when you move up you will be no 1 contender for belts you held at previous weight. So you get a title fight straight away and got fighter signed to new low contract.

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Nice tip. Haven’t considered that.

If you have a champion at 2 weights beside each other you can go a step further and vacate, allowing your own fighter to claim the vacant title. Iv done this with 3 weights before.

Here’s my latest guy that has a ton of potential and isn’t signing. Maybe you guys can see what I am doin wrong.

Does this guy have a fight arranged?

He didn’t when I posted

I’ve been re signing them when it pops up every time it’s been working