Hello friends! I am new to the community!

Hello, I am new to the community so I’m not sure if doing this right. But I wanted to stop by and say hello. Ever since I had bought the game I have been playing 24/7. This game is freaking amazing! I do have a few things to ask though.

Am I the only one going through long load times?(iphone 7)

And, although I do love the game, am the only one that thinks this game would be even more awesome if there was some sort of animation gameplay to watch along with?

Hope you guys are well

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Hi Marky

Thanks for posting and glad you’re enjoying the game!

The game performance is something we work hard on and continually improve it. We do though then tend to “use” those benefits to add more detail and fighters.

We are interested in hearing other views on this.

Welcome to the forum :sunglasses:

Not sure the game needs any animations. This would surely make it a lot slower on older devices. The game is already huge.

I don’t think animations would improve the game…but maybe on a pc version some graphics would be good.

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The fight part of the game is a weird one. Most people seem to just eat h every game so fast that as much as we want fancy graphics we actually think beyond highlights no one will use them sufficiently. PC maybe different. More on that once Android appears…