Help Understanding Training and Fighter Progression

Hello all.

Been playing this game for a short bit, and I’ve been enjoying the content of it. But I find myself not understanding how to grow my fighters, outside of the obvious Growth section in game, at the expense of EXP and Potential.

I know there is Training, and the Fight Camp. The Fight Camp seems to be just temporary boosts towards the next fight, even if the goal isn’t met, and I don’t understand how Training promotes statistical advancement. It just seems to happen randomly if at all.

What I’m asking for is if anyone here can help me understand the intricacies of this topic, to more than just a brief overview. The beginners guides I’ve found have been fantastic, but I’m still finding myself lacking on this part of the game.

To be honest there is not really much to the training aspect of the game at the moment. Your fighter will improve but it is pretty random and will
depend on how good the coach is and your boxers potential.

You can edit the training schedule (concentrate on some stats at the expense of others). But again it’s pretty random in that you can’t guarantee to improve a particular stat.

You are best just to allocate the potential points as best you can. And anything else is a bonus.

You should also be aware that some stats will improve after fights. Knockout wins can improve punching power for example.


Yeah I second this. I’ve tried and experimented and it is very hard to set a path for exact improvement for your fighters through training schedules. I’ve even set some fighters to zero strategy training and double chin focus by maxing out strength and resilience training and the fighter didn’t improve Chin at all over a few years span.

Your best hope is if your fighter has high Dedication, Potential and you have a good trainer, you will probably get maybe 5-10 natural attribute boosts over his career. Beyond this, like Tartan said, using Potential and boosting the attributes you need is your best bet.

One strategy I have noticed works well - If you have a fighter that needs more boosts to become a title contender, farm more fights for them early in career to take advantage of the interest mechanic for experience. Like instead of targeting the lowest ranked fighters every time and trying to climb ranks fast, schedule fights they are highly likely to win, with fighters that are ranked 50 to 100 spots higher than your fighter so they don’t climb the rankings as fast. I’ve found this effective for my 2nd and 3rd tier stable fighters who are probably single weight contender potential, so there isn’t much of a rush to make them a champion as fast as possible, and making them fight really tough matches before they are ready. Improvement and farming experience is more important.


Thank you both for your insights into this topic.

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