Highest Paydays

Curious to see what are you guys highest payday this is my highest and with the yellows I didn’t think my fighter would make it this far

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What’s this guys stats like???

What device are you using? I’m using iPhone and I can’t see fight purse on the career screen, no way for me to scroll right to left either…

But here is my highest purse

And here are his stats… he’s unified MW and LHW belts before moving up to HW. Still undefeated

That’s the only way to check is through the news

This is mine so far with my 4 weight Undisputed Champion. Went from Welterweight to Heavyweight. Been undisputed champ twice at heavyweight

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Great work there :):):slight_smile:

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$1.7 billion

Where did you find the game records page?

is that from the sandbox game?

It’s in the current beta version. This will be out soon.

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Is ‘natural weight’ (influencing whether a fighter can easily stay at a higher /lower weight) + the option to move down weights, in future plans?

Natural weight (and it’s changing) is totally a part of where we go with weight and physicality in general.