Hotfixes in Boxing Manager

One of the new things we’ve added into this version is a section of the game to enable us to supply any necessary hotfix to fix data or game issues.

These are found under the Options item on the main menu.

Naturally we expect more of these at the start of this cycle of the game series and are keen, wherever possible, to make sure that players are not required to make new games which we know can suck massively.

This approach allows us to keep control of the integrity and stability of the game model but still fix issues where they have occurred.

Obviously we also fix the bug that caused the problem in the first place :slight_smile:

We do not guarantee that a hotfix can fix all problems but that’s the aim.

The best position is not for us to have cause to need them.

Equally unless you know specifically what the fix does, don’t use it…

The first two hot fixes look to fix:-

a/ the variance in ranking that occurred from 1.00.00 - 1.00.01. This hotfix can be applied multiple times and should reduce the amount of variance between the three rankings. There is a threshold for this variance. The lower this number the more fighters it will include.

b/ Removal of duplicate champions per weight. This resets the champions for all weight divisions and all title organisations. This also removes any unified title. Again this is a blanket reset and no news items will be generated in the game to show any changes that have occurred.


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