How do I save this guys career?

Signed him at age 21, became the undisputed Middleweight champion within three years.

Defended the title 4 times, 3 times he won by TKO in an early round. He was 15th OAT at that point and set to go higher.

After the last defence, nobody was eligible to fight him for 2/3 months, and he starts threatening to cancel his contract because I’m not letting him fight. I chose to move him up to LH instead of vacating the titles.

He goes into LH #1 ranked for all titles, but keeps threatening to cancel so I set him up with a lower ranked fighter instead of waiting for the champion.

He loses that fight and can’t contend for the titles anymore. So I give him a match for the European belt, and he barely scrapes a draw.

This guy still has 13 potential, so I don’t want to lose it all by setting him up to lose, but I also don’t want to have him waste his career when he could be a champion. Is it possible to get him to drop down a division or something? How do I get XP for him so that he can compete in LH?


Honestly in my opinion he’s far from done. Like I read in one of these forums i may be a good idea to give him a tune up right to get his morale and confidence back up. If he continues to lose though then it might be time to turn him into a journeyman and focus on developing another undisputed fighter. But I definitely think he still has another undisputed run in him.

The less you use the exp the more you get. Don’t use the exp, the larger you get it the more it keeps increasing each fight. Give him a good run of 5/6 easy fights and let the exp build.


Your best bet is to take very winnable fights with lower ranked fighters, and a title shot will come. I’ve had fighters 30-0 before a title shot, then had fighters get a title shot of 1 win, or 2-3 fight win steak over fighters ranked from 15-50.
A lot of it comes down with timing as well. If I can see a title fight is happening in 7-17 weeks, I’ll try get a “tune up” fight, maybe 2 if there is time and 100% healthy. I then monitor the title fights until something comes up.

Never count a good fighter out though. I had a fighter who should have never made it to the title fight, but he was my fight signing and had an attachment to him. He ended up earning a title shot at 22-6 and went on to win the next 6 title fights and unified the belts in the process. Another guy who was my second fighter I signed went on to win two titles at 32-11-1 and backed it up with a defence.