How do you play the game?

Hi guys,
Haven’t been very active for a while but got back on to the game this week.
Got me thinking, how do you play?
For me, after my starting fighters (who I always try and keep as long as possible) I will only sign unranked fighters in an attempt to go from 0 - to champ without defeat.
I’ve gotta admit it’s rare they make it without losing.
I would never sign a fighter who’s already had fights, is that weird?
I much prefer having control over the entire career which means I end up having a very low turnover of fighters.
I also tend to let the contract run out after about 5 loses because it hurts the chin too much :joy:

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In case you were wondering here’s an overall grab of how things look right now

What I just do which definitely helps save undefeated records - is whilst your boxer is badly losing and is a round away to sleep - quit the game properly and go back in the fight until you win. FYI - only do this if you really want a long undefeated champ.

It would definitely make the game MUCH more realistic if there was more undefeated fighters fighting bums to save their 0, and free passes for undefeated fighters when they go 15-0 for top 15 contention.

I’m much the same. Go as far as I can with my initial 3 boxers and normally only sign the new boxers coming through.

I normally just stick with the one gym for as long as I can as well. I kind of prefer the game when you have less boxers.

Completely agree, I always open a second gym and end up closing it because I can’t keep track of the fighters - something I had thought that might help with that would be to have a tab for each gym on the fighters screen, rather than one long list.

Yeah I find that once you have loads of boxers you kind of care about them less haha. Probably true to life.

I also sometimes just stick to signing mostly UK boxers. Just to make it feel more like a local gym.

Sounds like you play it in a very similar manner to myself.

Never pick guys who have fought. Feels good to be with them from the start until the bitter end :slight_smile:

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