How do you win the ebc championship

I’ve just had a fight with the ebc champion and beat him and he’s still the champion how are you meant to win it?

You need to be ranked in the top 5.

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Might be an obvious point but I fell for it. Is your fighter European? I picked a guy to fight who had a regional crown (ecb) and my fighter was American :joy:.

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You can see his boxer is ranked 9th. That’s why it wasn’t a title fight.

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This doesn’t feel right? If you beat the champion, and the only reason you don’t take the belt is your ranking is outside the top 5?

What cruelty.

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Them’s the rules:)

It actually happens a fair amount in real life.

I’m pretty sure that’s never happened IRL

Welcome and thanks for posting to the forum Scott.


Just discovered the forum after buying game last week. Enjoying so far, keep getting bankrupt around 100 weeks in but i’ll stick with it

A way around this is when your a regional champion you can only actual fight the top 5 in that region (and anyone in other regions like normal). I can’t think of an example where a European champion has fought another European but not for the belt.

Hi the trick is to go slow in building up the stable. Don’t over expand and you’ll do it.

I’m going to find one:) or at least will try to find one;)

Ha good luck. Iv had a look. Not an easy thing to find.

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