How does AJ beat Usyk?

Imagine you are coaching AJ for his rematch with Usyk. Bearing in mind his chin and gas tank (both of which looked weak to me), what would you say he needs to do in the next fight?

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I think he needs to take a leaf out of Fury’s book and turn it into an inside fight. Use his size to his advantage and lean all over him. Use that amazing upper cut he has. He isn’t out boxing him so needs a stoppage imo.

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Sounds obvious. But why didn’t he do that in the first fight? Strange tactics.

Absolutely no idea. They seemed to get it all wrong. Or perhaps AJ didn’t stick to the plan. Either way I really can’t see him winning the rematch.

I think he needs a few months in an army camp or with the royal marines to toughen him up. Looks like he has lost his fighting spirit. Very friendly with Usyk pre fight, waving to fans and smiling as he walked into the arena, then allowed a photo to be taken of him and Usyk after the fight!

Before that, he let Ruiz hold the belts before he was beaten up by him.

Too nice? Too nervous?
Is this about attitude and confidence?

I think it’s half of the above mixed in with him believing that he is a good boxer. Heard him talking in interviews and he makes himself sound like a pure pugilist and like he’s studied the best boxers. In my eyes he is a brawler. He is overthinking everything then runs out of ideas. He should just fight his natural style as he doesn’t have boxing I.q to do any different. Just my thoughts. Haha.

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I wonder sometimes if all the wise words and life lessons he gives are an overcompensation for a feeling he may have himself, that he is not good enough or that he is easily beaten.

I also think his friendliness before and after fights (e.g. smiling and waving to crowds as he walks in and being super nice with Usyk and Ruiz before fighting) is an attempt to be confident - but is really a reflection of his nerves.

My advice, if I was a coach, would be to think less and keep things very simple - before going back to doing what he does best, dominating with his size and strength, and delivering powerful KOs (not boxing).

Exactly. Use the advantages you do have. In Joshua’s case this isn’t an abundance of boxing skills relative to Usyk. Size and a few more dirty tricks are needed at this level. Always amazed (and impressed) how Fury gets away with that right hook where he holds the guys head momentarily with the left. Did it a lot to Wilder… Great punch. :slight_smile:

Yeah Iv seen a lot of people say Fury was sloppy. But the inside fighting was a great way to neutralise Wilders big right. He got caught of course but that’s always a risk when your not negative against him.

I don’t know re AJ. He seems to have lost that nasty edge he had. Not easy to get back when you are crazy rich like him. Though I see he is currently in Crenshaw so no better place to get that edge back I guess.

I noticed the holding head with left then throwing the right punch. Mohammed ali used this technique in quite a few fights.

This makes me laugh. Iv seen quite a lot of hating online from some with regards to Fury’s holding and pushing. Yet I bet they all regard themselves as fans of Muhammad Ali. Boxing fans are something else :joy:

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This aged well, he has pretty much said this himself in a recent interview