How many fighters do you have?

Just wondering how many fighters do you normally sign? At present I have 14 across 2 gyms? Is that too many or should I go for more?

Everyone’s different. I only ever have 1 gym. I normally end up with 16ish fighters then get bored and start again when I have a few world champs. I really like the first few years of game trying to get first world champ. Seen people on here with loads of gyms and loads of fighters.

Hey, I currently have 13 different gyms some in different countries and a few in the same. They all range in size with the smallest being 8 members to bigger ones having 16

I get carried away, and open up new gyms in different regions… currently have 53 fighters

I usually open up stables as promotions

Gym 1 Matchroom
Gym 2 Golden Boy


Usually 15-20 each gym from all different nationalities

I’d say 5/6 different companies/Gyms…

Maybe 60/70 fighters, it’s a lot easier on Ringside to manage cause you make the fight cards yourself meaning you can get through the fights a lot easier especially with the auto result feature.

So if I have a Matchroom fighter headlining, I’ll usually use my Matchroom fighters and fill the card, then if it’s a PBC main event then use the fighters from that gym etc

If it’s a Co promotion so one guy fighting another from a rival company(Both my fighters form different gyms) I’ll usually try and put a mix from both companies on the card