How to get great fighter stats?

How does everyone get such great fighter stats?
This is my best fighter and I can’t make him grow much more, as I only have 2 growth left.

The slower you use up the potential the better.

What’s not to like about this guy? Definite champ with the right matchmaking. Age will catch up with him perhaps but nice stats.

Use manager xp as well.

What difference does it make doing it faster or slower? From habit I still use all xp before I offer a new contract.

I’ve tried so many times and I don’t know how to use it, I can’t find it anywhere

The option appears when you don’t have enough xp to update a particular stat. So say ring generalship is highlighted in green meaning you can upgrade it… but you only have 2 potential points left… ‘use manager xp’ will appear. Select it and it will add an xp point to your total, meaning you will now have 3. Then upgrade as normal. I don’t have any examples in my current game or I would have posted a screenshot.

That’s amazing thank you!!

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That boxer is great by the way. Should definitely win a title. Try to get the ring gen upto 18 or 19.

In case your unaware, you can also adjust the training schedule to concentrate on particular stats. Looking at him I would be tempted to adjust to this…. Ring Gen might rise on its own (not guaranteed).

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