Huge upset on my game

Think this is the biggest upset Iv ever had. I have a long time Heavyweight champion. English lad. 40-0 with 20 title defences. Destroyed everything. Was undisputed but was holding the IBF title. Decided to match him up with my pretty average Scottish heavyweight. Who was 13-0 but took some creative matchmaking to get him to top 10. I really just matched them so the Scot would have a title fight on his record. He had no chance really. He only goes and knocks him out with the first punch of the fight :joy:.

Got to love this game for overpowered Scots 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😂

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Seen this a few times, always hilariously shocking:):slight_smile:

It ended up a trilogy with Fidoe knocking him out quickly each time. But hey, Castell was a champion and they can’t take that away from him :joy:

Did he drop all the way down to WBC #60 after that defeat?
Big difference in rankings.

Can’t remember to be honest mate. But looking at it I must have dropped the 2 titles at different times.

Online games against other players will be great. Especially if chat is enabled and rivalries form.

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It’s how we blend this into the player’s individual game worlds and how fighter’s update that we’re still working out…

Like which fighters can fight (champions only?, 1 per stable?)
Does their record update in other world or is it separate?
Is it an in app purchase/unlockable game feature…?:wink:

All this and more needs some sort of working out

Can’t players join an online game world - separate form their offline games?
For example, a game world could be set up by a player, and the player could set a specified number of real players needed (e.g. 3, 4, 5…etc). Once enough have joined, the game begins.
The game world begins from zero and everyone has an empty gym.

I can’t see much success in trying to mix game worlds.

Way I see it this could definitely be done but is a completely different game really. Not sure if you have played any of the real time online football manager games for example. They are just so different from Football manager. The worlds are pretty empty. You log on to play your real time game, but then you have to wait another 3 days or so for your next game. You could probably train boxers each day or something like that but it wouldn’t be Boxing Manager.

I love the idea of some kind of online type thing. Only way I could see it though is just pitting your boxers against each other for fun. Perhaps for a wager that is taken from your game world.

That’s such a different beast it would take an entirely new team to build…

Online may appear as an extension of the current game but given that even the mighty sports interactive made a relative turkey when they tried this kind of stand-alone I’m not sure we want to try.

Lots of waiting, empty game worlds, etc etc. Taking prize fighters from the current game and pitting them against other players seems an easier place for us to start off.

Maybe a tournament mode then. Upload your boxer and play a knockout tournament - or mini league.

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Yeah that’s a cool idea for sure.