I don’t respect Jake Paul

Woah I know shocker I don’t like Paul. Here’s the thing in the realm of YouTube/Celeb Boxing he’s the man he’s one of the trailblazers for guys like DR.Mike and Harley from EMT. But he pretends to be a real boxer first off dude is a natty 205 and cuts to 185 cool coming from MMA I’m used to that. But dud your biggest win is over a 50 year old man. Yeah he was UFC champ….15 years ago. Who in the up and coming boxing scene could Paul fight to earl real respect?

I don’t like him either. But I respect his dedication to fighting. Is he a sideshow? Absolutely. But anyone who’s in the gym training as much as he is has earned at least some respect from me. In terms of fighting actual fighters, he probably won’t. It’ll probably be more former UFC guys or YouTubers, maybe exhibitions against old former boxing champs that fought well below Cruiserweight, like Floyd or Pac Man. It’s a legitimate shame that there’s a crowd that watches his crap, but there is and that emboldens more entitled idiots to try fighting as well.

I just see it as kind of different to real boxing. He is putting in the training etc but he can’t fight real boxers of equal standard as all his fights are pay per view. So he has to fight aging MMA stars etc.

Its clear much of his fan base don’t really know boxing at all. It is what it is. Just a side show to make a shit load of money for all involved.

Surely it’s only a matter of time before I add a YouTube star to the game. :slight_smile: Or at least get a request to do so.

Add it to the store. If people are daft enough…

I know but the problem is his fan base and himself are acting like he’s a second coming of Pretty Boy Floyd. Coming from MMA the record padding is something I hate in boxing and Paul has taken it to Defcon 1 levels of bullshit.

Yeah I think it’s a joke I get cutting is apart of the sport and what he’s doing on the surface is smart. He fought undersized untalented nobody’s. We asked for him to step up. So he got Ben, an undersized wrestler somebody. We asked for him to step up again he gets Woodly a wrestler who feel I love with boxing in MMA who’s undersized but an even bigger somebody. Then we say fight someone your size so he goes and gets someone old out of prime but it’s Anderson fucking Silva. He will never fight someone his size, age and skill. He will always try and take an advantage and I think that hurts boxing.

I won’t be requesting, that’s for sure. Please don’t. :sweat_smile:

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It wouldn’t be the worst idea for you to add it as a purchasable DLC, and I’d assume at least some people would buy it.

It would need a little more. Perhaps when you buy the YouTube star (with editable name) you start off fighting exhibitions against non boxers. You can edit all the names and professions / sports of these guys at the beginning. After he beats all of them he can start fighting real boxers (gets a decent rank so not starting at the bottom).

YouTube star mode. 10 bucks. Bet it would sell :grinning:


Not a half bad idea. Probably wouldn’t buy it just due to the premise but I could see it selling

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Now you’re talking :slight_smile:

As much as we need the cash…


In all fairness I hate him as a person, but as a boxer, I’d say he’s earned the right to class himself as an actual pro boxer. If you look at any World Champion with the exception of Usyk their first 6/10 fights were against journeymen who were overmatched, easy wins, most don’t even go past round 1. Jake is fighting experienced fighters to pad his record. I’d probably say he should have earned more respect from the boxing community than the majority of fighters.

That being said, he gets 1 more fight against an active of recently retired UFC fighter and then HAS to fight a boxer in at least the top 50 rankings if he does legitimately want to fight for a world title at some point.

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He is fighting experienced fighters but not boxers. Big difference. I’m also not convinced his fights are not fixed. It seems more like WWE than WBC to me.

But hey, I’m a boxing fan so not his target audience at all. Good luck to him.

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Yer I do think if anything, his whole rise has proven that MMA fighters cannot box no matter what the community says.

That being said I’d put money on Woodley and Silva beating every one of Okolie’s opponents prior to Chamberlain.

I aren’t sure about the scripting side of things, I think his fights have been genuine to some extent. I do believe the whole no KO clause though especially after the Silva fight given Silva looked like he was playing with his food at times.

I suppose we’ll find out for real if he ever fights Tommy Fury because he won’t let him win or sign any no KO agreements.

I think that this is the point of MMA. You don’t have to be an elite fighter in any given discipline to be an effective MMA fighter. MMA is made for students of multiple combat disciplines, and of course you won’t be a savant at any particular thing when you’re studying 4 or 5. Could MMA fighters, with a background in boxing and with years of specific training to get down the timing of boxing compared to MMA, become talented boxers. I think so, probably. In the same way that you mentioned MMA fighters don’t make good boxers, I think that boxers would make for far worse MMA fighters. If Mayweather fought McGregor in the octagon, it’d be a massacre.

The sports are different, and while they are both combat sports, the “sweet science” in either sport are so incredibly different, that no athlete in either sport should be expected to make a smooth transition, barring years out of the ring/octagon to re-train their brains to fight in that specific discipline.