I loose money every fight

I don’t understand why i keep loosing money on every fight. My fighter is top 5. Even fighting a World champ i loose about 500k for they fight…

When selecting the fighter i only SEE My profit Will be negative in advance. Then after the fight sometimes i go for a profit but most of the time i loose a Lot of money.

This looks weird to me. I assume he is not a former champion who has lost his belts? If so you tend to make those kind of loses if you don’t offer a new contract. But those loses shouldn’t be happening when you are top 5.

Thanks bro. But what i want to understand about the game is how to make profit. This is My second time starting from scratch and after 200 weeks when is the time that i manage to have top 5 fighters i start loosing lots of money per fight, about 400k or 500k, so in 3 or 4 fights i go negative and then i can’t rehire any fighter due to lack of money.

So, what do i have to check when making a fight to know in advanced that i Will make profit out of the fight?

When i’m selecting the fighter to fight with, in the side screen final numbers is only in negative, it does not matter who i select to fight, that information is always negative. And then after the fight i see no profit most of the time.

But that no profit problem, really hurts when i have fighters un the top 5 of the ranking

Like I say this doesn’t sound right to me. You normally make a small loss for the first 10 fights or so. So when I start a new game, I normally go from £100k to around £30k. Normally at that stage my boxers start to make profit (after around 10 to 12 wins or so). This does depend on weight class and the boxers going unbeaten etc.

But I don’t understand how you could be losing £500k a fight, unless he was a champion and is on the same contract as before. This sounds like a bug.

I would make sure you are on the latest update of the game. But otherwise I’m not sure what to advise as that shouldn’t be happening.

I’d be looking into contact renegotiating like TartanTornado hinted. Whenever I see a big difference between the purses and my fighters fees I renegotiate. Some fighters will accept renegotiation with 2 or even 3 fights left on their current contrat. For top 5 fighters I usually stay away from the longer engagements. I would sign them for 3 or 4 fights contracts if possible 5 at most, then reassess depending on his performance. Signing the shorter term contrat is also useful as it will offer the lowest guaranteed purse for your fighter but will rise the cost on signing fees since you’ll have to re-sign faster.

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This happened to me. All my boxers were in ranges of 20 to 3 in terms of being ranked for the belts and as soon as I fought the #1 contender for WBC I lost $133k. Eventually I gave up because I was in $500K debt and my fighters had run out of fights for their contracts, but my second time playing the game this didn’t happen.

This is halpening to me to every fight I seem to have avalible will lose me money. For example every fight will cost around 3 million tonout on but only generate about 1 million from the fight meaning im lossing 2million a fight

What version of the game are you playing?

On Andriod v:0.887.98

This is what every fight available is like. Notice forcast gate compared to estimated gate profit/loss

Every fight available to me has a a big loss no matter the week or fighter once this happens the game becomes unplayable.