Idea - Training Camp

Idea: For a big title fight you get the option to go on an expensive training camp.

Pro’s: increases the chances of the boxers stats improving in some way (but not guaranteed)

Cons: very expensive. Perhaps it could half the fight profit or something like that. Not guaranteed to work re improving stats.

I would suggest you only get the option to do it when you hold the WBC. Their timeline for title fights makes sense for a training camp. And it would give an incentive to hold the most prestigious and hardest to defend belt.


I also have a small update suggestion. Its not displayed when fighting a fighter a second or third time. Would be cool if you could see how often you have fought against someone. Some background information would also be cool. For example the ratio of victory to defeat or how much money the last fights made. With all the fights it is really confusing.



Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

We have much more to come with the game and hope you’ll see that we’re keen to hear and act on player feedback.

Kind regards
BM Team


Yeah rivalry’s is something we have spoken about a few times on the forum. Totally agree with all you say there.

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