Ideas that might not have been mentioned before

Couple ideas I thought of. 1- upgrading your trainers etc, with potential and boost etc. 2- as annoying it might be I feel sudden injuries prior to a fight would make the game more realistic especially if there was an attribute which determined which fighter was more injury prone, especially as I think in the game a boxer has a little too many fights compared with real life. 3- like real world, a bit more priority and more cherry picking for undefeated fighters.

Also I was wondering how the addition of fighter cards was going? Thanks

I like the idea of trainers getting boosted. I believe they never actually improve. Or at least that used to be the case anyway. Can be frustrating at the beginning when you don’t get offered any good ones.

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Improvements to Trainers in general are coming in the short term such as retirements etc.

Injuries in training before fights are also in preparation. When they come not sure.

We are looking at the order of the roadmap at the moment and we may bundle stuff up a little bit more next year so that we can control quality and have one particularly big release of new features etc. :slight_smile: As well as a few other things that are in the current pipeline :slight_smile: