Immediate Rematches

There should be an option where can have immediate rematches after a controversial fight. It’s very annoying that you can’t do that


Yes we agree…
great that there’s so much more to come/do…:slight_smile:

We are looking at rematch clauses. Whilst one angle would be the world body determining the fight result was controversial (rare and who judges). We are looking closely at the rematch as an option determined by the reigning champion at the time of making a fight. This seems the best way to deal with it ie as part of the first fight contract. This also necessitates a split of the purse/gate as part of the rematch option.

Comments anyone?

Im in 2 minds about it. In the real world it’s only really the huge fights that would come with a rematch clause. Might make it a bit easy if you have a second chance of every title bout. Perhaps it could be determined by the fight star ranking. 4 stars and above could get the option. Or something like that anyway.

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Yes, it would be unrealistic and tedious if every fight had a rematch clause. It needs to be limited somehow to big box office fights. Even then, not all would have a rematch.

This is where I think negotiations need to be developed. If the opposing boxer had a manager engaging in negotiations, it could
be an option - but not one both parties want.

I would like the negotiation side of this game to be similar to Football Manager - when offering / receiving contract offers. Lots of terms, with options to raise/lower different things until a deal is agreed. Some agents are stubborn and insist on certain things, others are more negotiable. Some respond well to raises in certain terms, others do not.

I think this would make the game more realistic, challenging and interesting. Especially when playing against other real life players in an online game. However, I know that this would be a big change with a lot of work involved.

I think too much thought, or options, on contracts would make the game lose its pick up and play approach, IMO. I love football manager, but play this more as I can just pick it up. Not have to think too hard. When you have a stable of 40-50 fighters, getting bogged down in more in depth contracts wouldn’t work for me personally but it depends on the direction you are looking to take the game. Could always have a Lite version or FM Mobile equivalent if super in depth is one of your options.

I do think the idea above about a 4 star match up should definitely be a good standard for a mandatory re-match should the champion lose.

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As ever thanks for such thoughtful insights.

Balancing complexity, detail and realism with playability is the primary challenge and we agree with the sentiments to not over-egg the game with options. Rematches we think are fair at the top end of the game eg multi-title fights but on every fight we also think it overkill…

We are working on titles in general at the moment including negotiations and such like so again the feedback is very helpful.