Improvements to the game

@IronMike really love what you and your team are doing with the game but there are some things I would like to see in the game that would make the experience for me and the whole community a bit better but this is just personal preference everyone has their own playing style but overall the game is solid so here is a list of things I would like to see in the game in the future

  1. exhibition fights in career mode
  2. Scout talent scout talent around the world to find that next Muhammad Ali Mike Tyson sugar Ray Robinson and More
  3. fight promotion and hype built around the actual fight like press conferences Fight Wight ins
  4. companies offering sponsorship deals to your fighters and the more fights more experience you have in the fight game the better the deal you will receive
  5. retirement System would like to see this in the game in the future so like being able to retire say 50-0 but the fighter stays in your gym and still trains while retired and maybe in a few years you can approach him and say would you like to come out of retirement I will give you 15 million for a 2 or 3 fight contract come back
  6. being able to hire Cutman physio and specialist trainers for upcoming fights and maybe the physio and medical team can maybe reduce the time that the fighter is out for so for instance 2 months injury could be reduced to maybe 1 month depending on how bad the injury is
  7. Being able to maybe negotiate fight deals between other fighters so if you have a fighter and he would like to fight save the champ you negotiate flight prices and how much your fighter would take from the fight and how much the champion would take from the fight then once you’ve sent the deal off this will take maybe a few weeks for the champion and its management team to finalise the deal if they accept
  8. I also would like to see more countries when starting a new game for instance i’ve always wanted to try a new country when starting a new game and I would really like to see Cuba Dominican Republic and several other countries added into the new game when loading up
  9. I would also like to see a youth development system in the game to where we can sign 15-year-olds and we can train them up so when they turn 18 they can turn pro and have a good stats depending if they have good potential or not
  10. maybe adding tournaments to the game title eliminators and fights for vacant belts instead of vacating a belt then it goes to the person who is in line for a title shot
  11. I would like to see referees interfering with the fights so if a fighter hit your fighter in the back of the head the referee would stop the fight and assess your fighter and maybe take points away from the fighter and maybe issue a few warnings and if they continue to hit behind the head then points will be deducted same goes with low blows points will be deducted and several fouls as well I would also like to see the ringside doctor interfere if a cut is too deep or the doctor just wants to check on the fighter to see if he can still continue without further damage
  12. career ending injury is I don’t think no one would want this in the game but I think it would make it interesting
  13. when your fighter retires and does not want to come back to the sport you can hire them to be a trainer for your gym I think that would be a cool addition to the game as you’ve got your fighter who has a load of experience and years of boxing
  14. I would like to see as well when fights are happening the location of the fight and what country it is in and the attendance of the crowd to see if it is a sold-out crowd or not which the sold-out crowd would be inflicted with promotion into hyping up the fight
    Thank you for reading I know this is a lot of ideas and I am grateful for your time thank you to @IronMike and this great Community that we have

Top post. As ever we thank you for your comments @Daniel_Jarvis

We will comment on bits of this as we go along.

However, would love to see 12/ but it’s like fighter deaths (both of which we’ve coded) but the effect of it is just so sudden and shocking, whoever the guy is and whatever his level, that it really is a very depressing and frustrating game event.

We thought about making it an option but we are largely adverse to options as we like the game worlds to all have the game basic events etc.

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I think you could add It to the game but players have the option to turn it on or off in settings

Like we said we hate actual game world specific options not least ones that have importance in the depth of game world (like those specific ones).

Let’s see. It’s not great playing feature, trust us.:slight_smile:

@IronMike what about drug tests in the game and suspensions in the game But you have to keep your boxes dedication up throughout the game and if it drops too low he might think that he’s not the best boxer so he might have to take drugs and performance drugs to boost his career and you kinda have to keep his moral and dedication for the sport up

This is one of the suggestions from old that again tested badly and players didn’t seem to like.

Again, as we’ve so many new players coming to BM for the first time it’s good to revisit these ideas.

Why not add some of these to the Feature Request category and allow other players to vote on them.

We have a huge todo list and product roadmap. We love to see how all players prioritise these ideas and you’ve made lots of good suggestions that it would be good how other players vote on them.

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@IronMike just thinking when your fighter retires you can maybe sign him as a coach to teach new boxers down the line this could be imported into the retirement update to where your fighter can either retire or retire and then you can sign them as a coach and then maybe you can come back if you want to sign a new fight deal

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@IronMike I’ve got another good potential idea for the game so when you’re fighter reaches the Hall of Fame they could be a boxing on the event for Hall of Famer‘s and just make a fight card with Hall of Famer‘s every few years in the game

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We love your enthusiasm :slight_smile:

Why not make each of these suggestions using the Feature Request category?

Then they don’t get lost in the flow of the forum AND putting them in that category means that other players can vote and comment on them which we love seeing.


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