Improving stats

I’m very happy with my new guy, other than low punishment/on the canvas which can be trained up. But is there any way to increase intelligence?

Alas not :slight_smile: It’s innate…

Interesting…there is some evidence that IQ can improve. See this link for a brief summary…

If Intelligence in the game refers to ‘boxing IQ’, which many boxers refer to, then I think it would make sense if this improved with better coaching - up to a point. Not everyone can achieve a high level, but people can achieve their potential.

Trivial point maybe, compared to all the other game developments that are more important, but if fighters had a maximum IQ (different for different fighters) it could increase depending on factors such as: how good their coach is, how dedicated the fighter is to training, and the relationship with the coach.

Minor issue…but as the game gets more detailed I think this could be considered?

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That is an excellent repost.
Thanks for that .