In app purchase prices

Just in case anyone wants to send us another angry email saying we’re making it pay to play. :frowning:

Last week to mitigate our mistake on the in-game finances we significantly dropped the price of the IAPs to help players (we would have made them free if we could have).

Now the issues are seemingly fixed we have returned the IAPs to their original price.

Any more of those and we’ll remove the money-based IAPs entirely to prove my point :slight_smile:

Damn, this game is miles from pay to play. Completely forgot those options were even there.

Tell us about it.

Honesty, pay to play!!?!?!
We will now try to regain our customary good humour in these matters;)

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I love the ethos that the game will make money because you keep improving it and making it better. There really is no need for anyone to spend more if they are playing the game properly. But hey that’s their choice.

I play a bit of FIFA ultimate team. A game with terrible gameplay, but they make their money from addictive pack mechanics. Almost casino simulator for kids! Big companies like that are the ones to complain about. Not someone who is constantly engaging with his player base to make the game better, and at no extra cost.

Yeah we need to put out a new free version where your gym is simply randomised old time greats playing in the normal game and you pay for each new game gym :moneybag::boxing_glove::wink:

You forgot pay to remove adverts as well!

Hey I imagine there is huge money to be made in that blueprint. A shame that’s a route so many companies have went down. I used to play some Kairosoft mobile games (game dev story etc). But they went down the free route as well.

It’s an obvious one that you can make a tons more money but seems to us (and other makers of decent games) to kill the kind of game play we are after.
It is though obviously a quick and easy way to make money from fleecing certain types of players.

Expect to see the first Boxing Manager Legends stable packs in the next version :wink:


this is no where near pay to play. it took me years to actually invest in the 10 Mil Purchase and i’ve flipped it into 27 Mil within months. i’ve made millions without investing irl money. game is far away from pay to play