In-Fight Adjustments

Just dropped a new video explaining how to make in-fight adjustments. Hope it helps some folks who are just getting started!


Well done pal. Good video. Will be very helpful for new players.:+1: nice to see some things like this getting on you tube. Will hopefully bring more players to the game. I would like to add tartan tornado made a brilliant post for new players. Definitely worth a read.


These are brilliant. Excellent stuff!!! There’s only so much we can do beyond actually making the game that it’s awesome that people get into the game enough to create stuff like this.

Very cool



Absolutely. Will be making many more - it’s a great game that doesn’t take a lot to master but takes a lot to stay on top.

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Great video man!

Do you know if there’s a negative affect that would be applied if you were to give too many fight instructions during the fight?

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Great stuff mate. Love that someone is making videos. Big props to you.

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There is no negative as such we had in testing a max number of changes based on fighter Intelligence, one of the Trainer stats (can’t remember off top of head) and fight events (tiredness, knockdowns etc).

That actually was cool now we write about it.


Yeah, I’ve changed instructions from round to round trying to figure out the best way to tire someone out. In fact, what I love about this game is that seemingly, the opponent adapts to your changes as well but pretty much is done once you’ve discovered the advice that exploits their weakness.

Very fight instruction has a counter depending on attributes and the fight situation. Most doesn’t change.

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