Incorporate female fighters

Just a quick suggestion if it hasn’t been suggested already.

I was thinking maybe you could incorporate female fighters into the game in the future at some point. Just like the men’s rankings etc have the females too. And then you have a much bigger selection of fighters to join your gym and the possibility of your stable to hold even more belts/titles.

Just thought I would ask the question :blush:

It was suggested once previously if memory serves us correct.

No problem I thought I’d ask :blush:

Always worth asking :slight_smile: We have a lot to do ahead of that to be fair but as with all things to do with the game we are led by players of the game.
Now we’re almost at the end of the regional titles release cycle we’re wondering what the next thing will be that players start asking for… And that’s the first topic and vote in its favour here :slight_smile: So thanks.

I think this would be a good addition but have it as an option. Personally Iv no interest at all in woman’s boxing. I don’t imagine I’m alone in that. But it would be nice to have for those that do.

Yeah that would be good. At least then if people are not interested in it they have an option to have it in the game or not.

Would be good though to have as many world champions in your stable at once. That’s something anyone could aim for as it would be quite tricky I’d imagine. But enjoyable to try.

Thanks for the feedback :blush:

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I say I have no interest, though I must admit I will be watching the blonde Bomber at the weekend :joy:

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No problem at all. I’ve just got the BETA version so I’ll be trying that out on a new save now. Time to earn some titles :blush:

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