Inoue v Donaire 2 Tuesday morning (uk)

Always weird if good to have a fight on in day time mid week.

Great when it’s a fight as tasty as this one. :slight_smile:

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I’ve got Inoue by close decision, but it honestly could go either way. I hope Donaire calls it a career if he loses though, no need to tarnish a hall-of-fame career trying to remain relevant at his age.

Nice. Didn’t realise that was on at that time.

Card starts at 5:30 am here in sunny Florida. Finally a good excuse for me to get up that early lol.

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Thank god it’s later here. No way we’re are getting up at that time!!!

Eh, I’m up at 6 anyways. Gotta get your run in before it feels like you’re running on the surface of the Sun.

Man I’ve gotta stop putting my predictions on here lol. But man, just hang ‘‘em up, Nonito. The boxing brain is still there, but the body just can’t keep up anymore. Better to retire after losing to the best than to try (and probably fail) and continue.

It was a bit of a shame to see him like that eh. Absolute legend though.

What next for the monster. No one at Bantamweight beats him.

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No Inoue is in a league of his own. Can’t see any real threat for him at this point. Maybe a move up in weight?

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What’s TopRank doing with this guy. He should be a household name.

It’s a bit sad actually. He’s one of the worlds best, and barely anyone talks about him. Maybe it’s the weight class?

Yeah weight glass doesn’t help for sure. Stephen Fulton at Super Bantamweight is the one. Beat an American in America will change a lot. I remember Manny’s title fights were on undercard’s in the early days.

Boxing feels like it’s thriving at the moment. More undisputed champs than I can remember. Lots of young talented boxers from all over. Good times.

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Great time to be getting into boxing. And yes, super bantamweight seems to be the move for Inoue. Fights against guys like Fulton, Rios, and Aleem are better than what bantamweight has to offer right now

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