Inoue vs Butler

It’s fight week for the only fight I’m even halfway interested in for the rest of 2022. I’m a huge Inoue fan, hope he sparks out Butler and vacates for a run at super bantamweight. Inoue vs Aleem, Fulton, or Akhmadaliev would be Fight of the Year candidates. Anyone giving Butler a shot in this one?

  • Inoue by Decision
  • Inoue by Stoppage
  • Butler by Decision
  • Butler by Stoppage
  • Draw

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It’s a real mismatch if truth be told. Not Inoue’s fault though. Easy stoppage I think.

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Yeah I agree. Terrible mismatch, but that’s the sport. Butler is a champion, Inoue is a superstar.

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Noticing something about Inoue that reminds me of Canelo. The way that they punch, and the power and accuracy which they both have, makes them extremely easy to score. When shots land, you hear them, and the crowd reacts in kind. That makes it very simple to, as a judge, know how accurate he has been.

He’s also been slipping shots like I haven’t seen from Inoue yet. As if he needed to get better. P4P King

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Enjoyed that. Always good to have boxing on during the day :slight_smile:

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Main event started at 6 am here, but I was glad to watch it. What’s next for Inoue? Rumor is he’s moving up to 122. I’d love to see him fight Ra’eese Aleem for Ronny Rios is he’s not given a title shot right away. I don’t know if any 122 guy beats him.

Was the mismatch that was expected really. Not Butlers fault, he is a 2 x world champ but Inoue out on his own.

He will move up now. Looks to me like the big money fight for both parties would be Fulton in Las Vegas. Now that would be worth staying up for.

Hoping this opens the way now for Lee McGregor to get a title shot at Bantamweight. Have thought for a long time he will be the next Scottish world champ.