Interesting fight this Friday

ProBox TV is putting forth the finale of their Last Chance Tournament, where 16 fighters who’ve dropped a few fights and are in the brink of irrelevancy face off in a tournament in hopes of making a new name for themselves. The final fight of this tournament comes down to Kendo Castaneda, who may be best known for giving Jose Zepeda a decent bout in 2020, facing off against Antonio Moran, who has been the heavy favorite to win the tournament since the beginning and is probably best known for either getting robbed against Jose Pedraza in 2018 or getting brutally knocked out by Devin Haney in 2019. The fight should be full of fireworks, and both of these men should get another opportunity to climb the rankings yet again following this Friday. Also on the card are multiple very intriguing prospects that are managed by the ProBox team. Among them are the Valle brothers, Dominic (super featherweight) and Marques (welterweight), as well as Daniel Blancas, who’s moving up to Super Middleweight from Middleweight and had a very tough fight last time out, so he’ll be looking for a rebound. Overall, should be a very interesting night of fights. The full card is as follows:

Kendo Castaneda (19-5) vs Antonio Moran (28-5-1)
Miguel Madueno (27-1) vs Juan Huertas (16-3-1)
Marques Valle (6-0) vs Luis Midyael Sanchez (9-3)
Dominic Valle (4-0) vs Jose Antonio Meza (8-7)
Carlos Rosario (5-0) vs Ezequiel Borrero (5-0)
Daniel Blancas (3-0) vs TBA

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Do you work for Probox man…. :joy:

Sounds interesting. Not really heard of a lot of them. But like seeing new boxers

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Hahaha I wish man. I actually coach ice hockey. Just a big fan of what ProBox offers. And for cheap. The Portuguese blood in me loves a good bargain lol.


Thought it was only us Scot’s known for being tight with our money :rofl:

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The card starts at 9pm Eastern Time if anyones interested

Last nights event was fun. The prospects showed up and delivered, and the main event was very interesting. I thought that Castaneda would have more success, but the larger Moran had a great fight plan and used his size really well.