Interesting Friday Fight Card🥊

ProBox has a really good looking card for tomorrow night. It opens with prospects, most notably Jan Paul Rivera Pizarro and Jusiyah Shirley, both are among my personal favorite prospects in the sport right now. And the main event should be interesting, Brandon Glanton vs David Light, a pair of unbeaten, ranked cruiserweights going at it for 10 rounds with a minor WBO belt on the line. Should be fun :boxing_glove:

Said it before but really must sort of a subscription to this…

That’s what I like about ProBox; it’s cheap and thus accessible. I’m not going to pretend that they are putting out crazy fight cards, or elite-level main events. But, for what you pay for, they over-deliver in quality. They have fun prospects, whom they regularly showcase in a similar way to how DAZn or Top Rank tout their top talents with interviews and montages throughout the broadcast. The main events are always fun, but are really more openers for main cards anywhere else. But, for $2 a month, that’s not bad.

Great night of fights last night. Rivera Pizarro wasn’t included in the televised portion of the card but I read he did well. Jusiyah Shirley looked outmatched against his guy, who was 11-1 but apparently should have been 12-0 according to Paulie Malignaggi. Seems like Shirley stepped up a level too early. The main event was a lot of fun, but I thought Glanton won. It was definitely close, each round really could have gone either way until the knockdown in the 10th. I scored it 96-93 Glanton, but at least 7 rounds could have gone either way. Great card, looking forward to tonight’s bouts. War Chocolatito :boxing_glove: