📣 iOS Development Update

:rocket: Performance Update

We’re hard at work to optimize your gameplay experience. Our upcoming performance update aims to tackle the slowdowns many of you experience in-game, especially beyond the 500-week mark with the expansion pack.

:soon: Title Update

Get ready for a long-awaited title update! You can look forward to a dynamic rematch system and totally revamped voluntary and mandatory defence mechanics.

:globe_with_meridians: Early Access Rollout

Exciting news! We’re broadening our early access availability beyond our testing group. Expect new features like shows, venues, AI promoters, and much more.


When will the title update come

When is the venue/shows update be released?

We will announce details shortly.

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Any news when we will be getting the update yet?

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Yes!!! I’m excited for this. I’m at week 965 with the expansion my slowdown hasn’t been bad. Love this game and can’t wait for the next update :muscle:t5::muscle:t5:

It’s getting there.:slight_smile:

Doing what we can…