iPad version information

Just a quick note on this.

Whilst we haven’t specifically been working on an iPad version we have made the current iPhone version a lot better when used on a iPad.

For these last versions a lot of testing has been on iPad and thus a lot of UI fixes have been made for iPad.

Also, if you have a recent iPad(Air or Pro) we have also discovered that they run the game MUCH faster than the best iPhone despite superficially having identical software to the iPhone 12. Insanely fast in fact.

Hi I’ve got an iPad Pro the one that came out this year M1, but finding the processing when it updates your fighters ranking to take sometimes a few minutes to update. Not sure if that’s a bug or not

Ok. That’s odd as it should run quick.

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Having investigated we believe that this is due to the application being “made compatible” for M1 devices as opposed to developed for. This means that the M1 devices, like many Mac apps that’s aren’t built new for M1, have to recompile translate them as well as run the app as normal. We will take a look at solving this. Not least as we want to get the iPad version working as good as is possible.

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To follow up and finish off on this.

We will look to support this (like all other non Apple apps) when iOS/iPadOS 15 is released. Until then iOS14 doesn’t support M1 apps in native mode (ie the speed you’d want). This similar to the new M1 MacBook that runs (some) Apple apps well and some others (mostly not Apple) ones not so well :slight_smile:

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