Is a Fighter Contract failsafe feasible?

Ultimately I know this is simply a result of me hurrying and rushing, but there’s not much about the game in my experience that I can nitpick. So, just humor me if you must :D…

I finally managed to get two different boxers their respective belts. The roleplaying potential just skyrocketed, and to me it’s almost like the game can now truly begin.

First title defense was hard fought and bloody. Evidently the contender-turned-champ with just one contractual bout to spare. A supercritical detail that can be easily overlooked or flat out missed.

So, let’s talk preventative measures. The game already highlights expiring contracts to the player via the blue CON status indicator next to the boxer’s name. Well, why not go the extra step? Maybe the CON icon changes color whenever the boxer is on their final contracted bout?

Or, perhaps a confirmation dialogue box that pops up immediately when trying to schedule their last bout? That does seem a bit too cuddly though.

Thoughts? Surely this isn’t a unique experience/grief.

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Imagine what it was like before the blue Con indicator was there!!!?!

I lost many a boxer before that was introduced! That was a great addition. Iv not lost a boxer since.

I personally don’t think it needs changed. The marker is quite clear on the screen so it’s just careless if you have let it run down.

On the last version of boxing manager you used to have to check the contract every fight😂 the amount of fighters I lost before the contract indicator would stress me out haha

This! For a while I still checked when the marker was there out of routine :joy:

Yeah even when they put in the indicator I still had trust issues for ages😂