Is Teofimo all hype, no substance?

Lopez just got a fight booked for mid-August against professional C-level fighter Pedro Campa. What’s the deal here? He bested a (reportedly) injured Lomachenko in a fairly close fight. Before that, who had he fought? Commey and Nakatani? Look, I get he’s young, so you get hype fighting weaker opponents on potential. But exactly ONE high-level opponent, and he’s touted as a world beater. Then he gets bloodied by Kambosos, who was just brought to boxing school by Devin Haney.

Now, following a puzzling defeat, Teofimo doesn’t attempt to rectify his lone defeat via rematch or take on one of the other top lightweights (Tank, Cryan Garcia, Pitbull Cruz, all of which are also unproven but would be good return fights). But instead, he jumps ship, joining the light welterweight division, and fighting a guy he should dominate.

Which leads me to my question: is Teofimo Lopez a hype job without any real substance as a fighter? Any fighter with any heart would look to rectify their losses with either A) a rematch or B) taking on another high-end opponent to prove his worth. Why run from a strong weight class into a weak one unless you’re afraid of being exposed? Would really like to hear your thoughts on this guy.

It’s a weird one. Firstly I don’t think his Dad does him any favours. Both as a coach (way out his depth v Kambosos), and as a hype man. Lots of people dislike him due to the shit his Dad spouts. Also puts way more pressure on him.

I actually think SL is a decent weight for him. There was good fights for him there. The obvious fight to be made should have been Prograis or Ramirez. Iv no idea who the guy is he is fighting though. Never heard of him. Very strange move for someone that considers himself as ex undisputed (he wasn’t).

Whether he is hype or the real deal, who knows eh. One huge win, but looked disappointing in his last fight.

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Agreed. Teofimo will probably benefit as a SL, BUT fleeing from the up-and-coming Lightweight division with young stars like Tank, Garcia, and Haney is a bad look imo. Fights against Prograis or Josh Taylor would be great, but do you believe that he’ll take on a top SL with the resume he’s bringing into the division? Personally I doubt it.

I think Josh will be tied up for a bit. Likely it will be Zapeda then Catterall for him. Then surely move up.

Yeah Lightweight is stacked for sure. There was a lot of chat about him struggling to make weight. Though most boxers say that after a bad performance haha.

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Yeah it’s an excuse for sure. He could regain water weight up to his preference if he so chose. He looked perfectly fine in the Kambosos fight (health wise).