Is there a Old boxing manager game?

Hey! I was wondering I was on steam on a HP and I usually play on my iphone and seen this game on their I think called world boxing manager also or something close it was older from 2016 was last update but I remember it being around years before that it what I was wondering if you guys bought it or that used to be it? Just was wondering haha someone lmk! Would love to know some background to see how far you guys came I remember someone saying about a trainers name in the game was the first developer from 1997 so i wondered if that game was base haha

No that’s someone else’s effort into this world.

Ours go back into the dark and distant past.

One day we might make a museum :slight_smile:


Man I had a bunch of typos lmao glad you could understand what I meant, you guys should! Gotta say compared to any sim y’all definitely have the best sports sim game made even beats NFL head coach 06 and 09 and those are on PS3 and Xbox what are the chances one day you guys can get the game on a game System in the future?

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Still have your old effort somewhere on an external drive. Haven´t played it in about 15 years though. :grinning:

Actually found your new game by sheer happenstance.

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Best keep it there!

We are much better this time round. :slight_smile:

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Probably so. I don’t think I am ever going back now with the new game constantly evolving. :slightly_smiling_face:

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