Is there a recent update?

Im confused is there a recent update? I see all your pics posted with european rankings ? Ive tried to update my app and delete and reinstall but idk, am I trippin or what ?

You tell us my friend?
But no, psychedelics are not required here, it’s a beta version and it’s coming soon.
Alternatively email us at :wink:

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Bahahaha!!! Okay I kinda figured that, a but disappointed i had to delete my game that I was like 945 weeks into lol. Cool cant wait to check out the new version!! Keep up the good work

How come you had to delete it?
Send us an email and we will add you…

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Damn, you should have asked here instead of deleting your game. Great update for you to play at least.

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I deleted it cause I thought I had to do that to update it. Its okay though, I was planning on starting a new game anyways haha

It’s always good starting a new game when there is an update anyway. Especially a big change like this one. Enjoy.

Argh! Bad luck! We try our hardest to make all of these updates work with currently existing games.