Is this the fastest undisputed champion ever?

10-0 undisputed straweight weight champion
9 ko’s
8 punching power
7 aggression!

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How did you get them belts so quickly :flushed:

I think it’s because he’s in the smallest weight class and there’s not that many people in that weight class so maybe that’s why

He ranked up very quickly because of less competition in the division and fought the unified champion

But just wondering really how he ko’d his opponents with that power and aggression

He’s got got good accuracy so he is probably getting ko’s because of his output. If you get punched in face 30 times in a round for 8/9 rounds it’s going to eventually do damaged.
Joe Calzaghe Is a good example.


This is absolutely beautiful work lol :muscle:t5::bangbang:

Yeah that’s as quick as iv seen I think. Did you match him against an in-house boxer from your own stable (different gym)?

No. I never have multiple gym in any of my save

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