Issue with fighter relationship and fighter

Excellent work. I have an issue that when I sign new fighters, they are always extremely dissatisfied and don’t know how the relationship can be repaired. This goes for newly generated fighters and seasoned pros. Nothing worse than signing a contender for 5 fights, win all the matches and get them the belts and then they won’t resign.

Also when a fighter won’t resign and I haven’t got them the belts, but not lost, they still hate me but I can resign them via sign new fighters screen after they leave my stable. They rejoin and still hate me and cycle repeats :joy:.

Only way I can slightly improve relations is to match fees after every fight. I could understand if they were losing under my guidance, but starting their career with them hating me from the off is hard to negate.

I haven’t changed trainers or anything to potentially upset the Apple cart. Didn’t happen early game. On week 300 plus. Sorry if posted in wrong section.

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Ok, thanks for that we’ll aim to understand and improve this.


We’ve fixed this issue in the forthcoming patch release (hopefully this week).

  • Fighters are now less likely to re-join a gym that have previously left due to bad managerial relationship.
  • Fighters when signing or re-signing to stable receive boost to existing fighter manager relationship.

Thanks for sending that in.

Top fella. That’s great. Just a quick query, do the updates work on existing saves or do we have to start a new career for the updates to apply? Cheers.

We aim (and have a good record) of making sure that you can continue games.

Only time we’ve failed was when we added Gyms as that was a big addition. This time we’ll plan better :wink:

:joy:. No worries. Another quick one. Any tips of how to get my champion higher on the other ranks so he can try unify?? He stays at rank 12 on both regardless of who I fight.

He won’t rise in the other rankings if the org itself (the left most is most prestige) doesn’t want to unify titles…
Could be better explained. :slight_smile: