Joe Joyce fight

Appreciate he’s a “name” so how come we feel so utterly underwhelmed when watching him or even thinking about watching him…

Also the Breidis fight tomorrow morning (European time) looks interesting…

Nah to either from me. UFC will have all of my attention tomorrow night. Maybe I’ll check in on Briedis/Opetaia for main event time (7am) but I don’t really care enough about either of those fights to make plans around it.

War Adesanya!

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Glad I tuned in for that Briedis/Opetaia fight. Scored it 114-114 myself. Both fighters made a fan out of me tho.

Decent main event. Ended up pretty gruesome:)

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Seems clear to me how badly these Aussie announcers want Jai to win so badly. Don’t think it’s as clear-cut as they’re saying.

Congrats to Opetaia. Hell of a fight

Yeah amazingly shit commentary. Ben Damon makes Costello sound like Reg Gutteridge… maybe one for the oldies there :wink:

Honestly, Pro Box TV might have the best commentary team in the business right now.

It’s a weird one re Joyce. I think a cpl of things probably. He has a no thrills style. His nickname is perfect, just keeps coming forward with what looks like slow but are damaging punches. He also looks uncomfortable in front of a camera that doesn’t help his profile.

Wouldn’t be surprise to see him become world champ though.

He’s certainly got the power, but his defense is weak. Hammer was landing on him, so I could only imagine what Fury, Joshua, or Usyk could land on him. BUT, could Usyk or Joshua handle the power? Fury, almost undoubtedly, can. Frank Warren mentioned a late September bout for Joyce. Would like to see the winner of Ruiz/Ortiz take the fight, winner puts himself in the best position to take a title fight should sanctioning bodies get in the way of a full Fury v. Usyk/Joshua unification.

Zhang would be a solid option as well now that I’m thinking about it. He’s due for a big step up. Hrgovic cancelled on him, why not Joyce. That’d be a fun fight

Yeah when I say he could become champion, I mean without facing Fury. Would fancy him v AJ though.

Yeah Zhang would be a good fight. Closer to home Bakole would be a good one for him as well. Bakole due a good pay day after making easy work of Tony Yoka.

Yeah no chance vs Fury. Bakole would be another good option. I’d hope for Ortiz/Ruiz winner first, then one of Zhang, Bakole, or even Hrgovic, probably in that order.

But of course, this being boxing, he’ll probably fight some old bum like Wach next lol.

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