Join the Boxing Manager Beta group

You can now join up for the Boxing Manager beta group through this link.

Thank you.


Are we allowed to ask what small updates you’re adding in IM?

We think aside from some housekeeping of things in the app we may have a look at the Game Records and Hall of Fame…

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Hall of fame will be a great addition. Would give greater incentive to keep playing for longer.

Game records are something that’s been missing for a long time. Particularly for those players who like to keep a game world running and running…

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Joining this beta will my game continue over?

Nope. Everything just carries on as normal.

Plus there’s some good stuff starting to appear later on :wink:

As in now. Game records are in the beta.

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Fair play man these updates are coming fast

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IM trying to break the record for the number of updates in a week :joy:. Love things like the records. Good stuff.

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Looking for players to say what they fancy seeing in terms of records…:slight_smile:

Longest title reign
Most undisputed wins
Youngest champion
Oldest champion

Just a few that come to mind.


Most of the records are for the entire game world. Personally I would prefer to see more records based around my stable of fighters. And I love what you guys are doing with the game.

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What sort of things for stables do you think we should show?

Things like who makes the most money. Who has the most KOs. Who has the most title defenses and it should also include everyone who has been in your stable not just fighters who are currently in your stable if that makes sense

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Ok, that makes sense. Thank you.